Ultrasonic liposuction performed Sculptor II device is a revolutionary slimming treatment in the field. It is performed without anesthesia, the result is the loss of the session, even a few centimeters such as the hips or thighs obwiedzie. Ultrasonic liposuction is different from traditional liposuction that does not affect the integrity of the skin.
The treatment is recommended for people who have problems with excessive accumulation of fat in the area such as the hips, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, arms. Only healthy adult person can undergo the procedure.
In the simplest terms it is a modeling body shapes and get rid of unwanted fat with ultrasound. During the procedure, fat cells work on ultrasonic cavitation. Its aim is to break down fat cells and convert them into an emulsion. Ultrasound affect fat cell membrane, causing it to malfunction. Cells begin to shrink, ultrasonic vibration leads to the breakdown of fat cells, it reduces their number. Released from fat tissue and toxins are removed from the body through the sweat glands and the lymphatic and vascular system.
For the full effect of the surgery you have to wait about a month. After this time, all the fatty tissue destroyed ultrasound will be eliminated from the body. The treatment is painless and non-invasive, does not require recovery, such as after surgery.