The over plucked eyebrow fashion is out and is predicted to be out for a long time. Unfortunately, many people are unable to grow their eyebrows into a lush shape as sported by supermodels and actresses. The reasons behind it could be over plucking them in the past, age, illness or something else.

Many are also struggling with unruly eyebrows that do not hold their shape well and each eyebrow hair looking in a different direction. Sometimes people who are tired of managing their eyebrows resort to microblading. However, you can fix all these eyebrow issues with a new trendy beauty treatment loved by Hollywood stars – brow lamination.

Eyebrow lamination is a good alternative to microblading, but it is also perfect in combination with it. In the latter case, you should get the brow lamination treatment first and microblading at least 2 days later. 

For unruly eyebrows that hold into different directions, the brow lamination procedure will help to shape them in the right direction, soften and smooth over the eyebrow hair, and also visually lift the eyebrow arch. When you use a correct technique that is taught at a brow lamination training course, you can also hide gaps and create the impression of thicker eyebrows or extend them sideways.



  • - Cuts/Abrasions
  • - Scar tissue (6 months minor operation, 2 years major operation)
  • - Bruising/Swelling
  • - Sunburn
  • - Undiagnosed Lumps/Bump
  • - Hypersensitive skin
  • - Blepharitis
  • - Conjunctivitis
  • - Swelling/Bruising
  • -  Watery eye


  • - Do not have a hot bath/shower or use a sauna, steam room or swimming pool for 24 hours.
  • - Do not sunbed or use a solarium for 24 hours.
  • - Do not apply any perfumed or self tanning products to the waxed area.



- Eyebrow lamination 100 PLPLN

- Eyebrow lamination with henna and adjust- 140 PLN

- Eyelash lamination 140 PLN